Consonant With



(/ˈkɒn.sə.nənt wɪð/)

1. To be harmonious with.
2. In agreement with.

… [The OGAS network] was modeled hierarchically after the three-level pyramid structure of the state and economy: one central computer centre in Moscow would connect to as many as 200 mid-level computer centers in prominent cities, which would in turn link to as many as 20,000 computer terminals distributed across key production sites in the national economy. Consonant with Glushkov’s greater life-work commitments, the network plans reflected a deliberately decentralized design. This meant that, while Moscow could specify who received which authorizations, any authorized user could contact any other user across the pyramid network – without direct permission from the mother node.

From the post OGAS, the Soviet Union’s 1960s-era internet system
Source: How the Soviets invented the internet and why it didn’t work (