1. A practical consequence that follows naturally
2. A proposition which follows easily from the proof of another proposition.
3. Something which occurs a fortiori, as a result of another effort without significant additional effort.

… Lie No. 1 is that there are only two political ideas in the world, Republican and Democrat. Lie No. 2 is that the parties are violent ideological opposites, and that during campaign season we can only speak about the areas where they differ (abortion, guns, etc.) and never the areas where there’s typically consensus (defense spending, surveillance, torture, trade, and so on). Lie No. 3, a corollary to No. 2, is that all problems are the fault of one party or the other, and never both. Assuming you watch the right channels, everything is always someone else’s fault.

From the post: Win or lose, Donald Trump has forever changed the American political system
Source: The Fury and Failure of Donald Trump (