1. Wearing shoes.

… A bizarre retro marketing campaign accompanies the relaunch, including a New York City concert featuring ‘90s staples like Salt N Pepa, Lisa Loeb, En Vogue, and Biz Markie, and a Crystal Pepsi-themed Oregon Trail-knockoff video game…The game’s premise is mythico-sensationalist: the player sets out in search of the Crystal Pepsi Fountain, “the source of the long-lost taste you crave,” a far cry from the original promise of a familiar taste you couldn’t see. Players of Crystal Pepsi Trail must collect ‘90s icons along the anonymous “trail.” Among them, Tamagotchis and Furbies, trifles of the late 1990s that would have insulted the Doc Marten- and Birkenstock-shod audience for the original beverage.

From the post: The relaunch of Crystal Pepsi reminds us of simpler times
Source: How Crystal Pepsi Anticipated Silicon Valley (